Personal Finance Daily: More Americans are ready to attend live events and what exactly is a billionaires’ tax — and how would it work?

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So what exactly is a billionaires’ tax — and how would it work?

And would it be hard to implement? Experts weigh in. Read More

Gun ownership is surging in the U.S. Will the Alec Baldwin shooting have any effect on firearm sales?

Background checks for gun sales in the U.S. hit an all-time high of 21 million in 2020. Read More

More Americans are ready to attend live events — with one venue a clear No. 1

People’s confidence to go out and mingle has increased along with the rate of COVID-19 vaccinations in the U.S. Read More

Disneyland hikes ticket prices — on some days it will cost as much as $164 to visit

Admissions to Disneyland’s theme parks increased by more than 8% in some cases. Read More

My married sister is helping herself to our parents’ most treasured possessions. How do I stop her from plundering their home?

‘Ironically, she has made it clear to everyone that she is dreading the day when one or both of them has to move in with her.’ Read More

Woman sues Kellogg for $5M, says strawberry Pop-Tarts need more strawberries

The suit claims Kellogg is ‘misleading’ consumers by jamming apples, pears and color additives into its ‘strawberry’ filling. Read More

How to overcome 3 of the biggest hurdles to refinancing your mortgage

Refinancing involves costs and paperwork but the long-term payoff is worth it. Read More

The Lamborghini Huracán STO is powerful, exotic, and breathtakingly special

The STO hits 60 mph in under 3 seconds and it corners so sweetly it never stops delivering thrills. It also looks great parked out front. Take a look at the photos. Read More

Should you borrow against crypto? Here are the risks

Borrowing against cryptocurrency has become a popular topic, despite the risks. But is a crypto loan right for you? Read More

Tesla still dominates the EV market in the U.S., but these rivals are catching up

Most of the registered EVs in the U.S. are two popular Tesla models, but a few up-and-comers are poised to steal some attention. Read More

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