Autotrader: Running on hydrogen, this car set a record of 845 miles between fill-ups

A Toyota Mirai with a full tank of hydrogen managed to add 845 miles to its odometer between fill-ups, enough to set a Guinness World Record.

The record-breaking 2021 Mirai completed its journey over two separate days in late August, with both legs beginning and ending at a Toyota

facility in Gardena, California. According to Toyota, the car “coasted into” its technical center on the second day after logging its 845th mile.

That’s more than double the Environmental Protection Agency’s official range rating.

Wayne Gerdes and Bob Winger were at the helm, a pair of hypermilers who have earned several Guinness World Records for ultralow fuel consumption. Gerdes and Winger drove the car gently and primarily in higher-traffic, lower-speed situations where its electric motor could take over as often as possible to reduce compressed hydrogen consumption. Even then, a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle such as the Mirai only produces water vapor from its tailpipe, not carbon dioxide.

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The Mirai is one of just a handful of vehicles to feature a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain, though it is only offered to American consumers living in California. No other state has a comparable network of hydrogen fueling stations. 

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