Where to buy PacCoin? A Guide to PacCoin

Did you know that PacCoin (PAC) claims to be the first community governed digital currency in the world? Even though a great majority of crypto enthusiasts haven’t got any idea what they actually did and where to buy paccoin, it turned out that it was just a promise of some developers to do good if the community agrees to invest in them.

However, they kept their promise by releasing a whitepaper, giving PacCoin its direction. Whether you believe it or not, PacCoin has a lot of chances to do great things in the long run. In order to understand where to buy PacCoin and what it is precisely, we’ve prepared this article for you.

PacCoin definition and evolution

PAC is short for PacCoin, and it refers to the People’s Alternative Choice Coin. It was created in 2014 and gained some popularity a year later. This particular coin, which was based upon then-current technologies, wasn’t among the most well-known coins at the time.

The original developers failed to maintain or upgrade the coin, which resulted in the coin falling to the bottom of the list with more than 1200 different cryptocurrencies on the market. In 2017, PacCoin experienced rapid inflation, which may be associated with generous mining rewards.

However, PacCoin remained stagnant until the summer of 2017. In August that year, a new community-based management team was devoted to re-establish the famous coin. Until the community took control over the re-establishment, there was a long period of ambiguity.

Nobody exactly had in mind what was going to happen with the coin. Over some time, a plan was lowly developing following the interest of its community.

PacCoin from 2018

One year later, in early 2018, PAC became one of the cheapest crypto coins in the world that had an ample total supply of 3.5 trillion coins, alongside a cap of 100 trillion. PacCoin is known to have a committed community that wishes to make their holdings reach fruition and make them wealthy.
The reason for that is because they believe that PAC is an internet penny that lends itself to no less than micro-transactions. Until 2018, PacCoin had become one of the least expensive cryptocurrencies in the world.

The whitepaper of PacCoin and a coin swap

In its whitepaper, PacCoin has outlined a roadmap for the specific currency, which, now, has been commonly regarded as an unusable and cheap coin. What also happened to PacCoin is that it went through a coin swap to break free from the inflation that ruined its value in 2018.

Total coins have been divided into the ratio of 1000:10. For those who aren’t familiar with this, it means that people who owned 10,000 coins have been re-allotted ten coins of the same value. At the moment, over 5.6 billion PacCoin are in circulation, alongside the market cap of $4.54 million.

Why should you buy PacCoin?

Now we are going to reveal what many people would like to know. It’s whether a PacCoin is an excellent option to buy. Besides that, we will indicate where to buy PacCoin at the best price on the market. But first, let’s discuss the reasons for purchasing a PacCoin, shall we?

As you are aware by now, PacCoin represents a cryptocurrency that users can generate through the mining process. At the moment, PacCoin is traded on 19 active markets in the world, with more than $14,000 traded on a daily basis.

When it comes to making comparisons to the dollar, it’s known that PacCoin has been quite uncertain against it for a while now. One of the most significant factors is stability, which is not the case with PacCoin. Nonetheless, there is a definite aspect where PacCoin can make an extreme case for itself.

What are the biggest challenges of PacCoin?

The two biggest challenges for decentralized projects are organization and governance.

According to the original team of PacCoin, the low-value digital coin has managed to overcome micro and complex challenges that bitcoin has been struggling with. PacCoin has positioned itself as a digital currency that is able to be substituted as digital cash.

What is the PacCoin price?

For those who are eager to buy PacCoin, it’s always best to check the PacCoin price. At the moment, the cost of this particular currency, as of the beginning of October 2021, is $0.00899. However, it’s essential to know that this current PacCoin price is subject to change at any time.

The best place to buy PacCoin

In order to answer the question “Where to buy PacCoin,” it is crucial to understand that there is a list of PacCoin Exchanges. In these particular exchanges, you are able to buy, sell, and trade $PAC coins.

View the List of PacCoin Exchanges

In the following list of PacCoin Exchanges, you will see the top five at the current moment, ranked by the trading volume:

BitMart exchange – PAC price is $0.00897, with a 24h trading volume of $672,579.45Bitrue exchange – PAC price is $0.00905, with a 24h trading volume of $152.514.57Graviex exchange – PAC price is $0.001152 with a 24h trading volume of $500.00FINEBOX exchange – PAC price is $0.01050 with a 24h trading volume of $448.56Folgory exchange – PAC price is $0.01500 with a 24h trading volume of $166.48.

PacCoin’s growth in the future

Since PacCoin has managed to position itself as a digital currency that substitutes digital cash and the internet-based monetary transactions continue to grow, PacCoin is apt for the future. Exclusively payments for online games and smaller e-commerce payments will considerably benefit PacCoin’s growth as it’s a safe mode of payments.

That’s precisely what the original team of PacCoin had in mind for the coin. All that makes PAC beneficial in the long run since short-term growth is almost impossible. However, investing a few dollars in PacCoin could be very helpful, like gaming. E-commerce companies have started to accept cryptocurrencies as one of the best legitimate payment models.

However, it’s clear that one of the most significant issues with PacCoin is the considerable number of competitors in and around the price bracket of sub $1 per unit. Most incredibly, BitTorrent (BTT, $0.0009) and Trin (TRX, $0.0224) are proven to be the better bet, launched years after PacCoin.

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